The origins of the 'flaming camel'...
Part 5: This Ruthless Mongolian Warlord’s Unhinged Battle Tactic Holds The Key To Landing High-Paying Retainers On Demand, ASAP ⚔️
Back in the 14th century…

...a ruthless Mongol conqueror with a Kanye West-sized God Complex by the name of Amir Timur invaded India…

...looking to claim the entire country for his empire.
Amir Timur
He marched his troops through the desert towards the capital of Delhi…

...but was met by the MUCH larger army of Indian emperor Sultan Mahmud Shah.

Who also happened to have 120 full-armour war elephants with poison coated tusks leading the charge.
Mahmud Shah's war elephants 
Now -

The sight of this MASSIVE army led by over 100 towering war elephants was enough to make half of Amir’s men drop their weapons, and run back to whence they came with their tails between their legs.

The men who remained were PETRIFIED.
But Not Amir Timur

Because he knew something his men didn’t...

See, Amir knew that elephants are easily scared.

So the best way to beat Mahmud Shah’s army was to do just that... frighten the elephants.

But how...?

He couldn't make a sound louder than the roar of battle.

And there was nothing in his environment to help, either... since this was slap-bang in the middle of a desert.

But with a little on-the-spot creative thinking…

...Amir Timur came up with a crazily effective, but HORRIBLY inhumane solution.

His army had travelled on camels across the desert, so he ordered his men to load up blocks of hay onto each camel’s back, direct the camels to the front line, and set the blocks of hay on fire.

And with a few nasty prods in the backside…
...these flaming camels were sent charging into battle!
The war elephants were (understandably) terrified... 

...and they wreaked HAVOC to Sultan Mahmud Shah’s army, killing most of his men.

The Sultan fled.

And Amir Timur’s forces captured and sacked Delhi!

Now -

Amir’s battle tactic was ridiculous, crazy, and uniquely different to anything anyone had ever attempted before.

...which is why it worked so well. 
His Enemy Just Wasn't Expecting It
And THAT’S the EXACT principle I’ve captured in my method for landing high-paying retainer clients.

My own flaming camel process is, to many people, pretty crazy.

It’s audacious.

It’s bold.

But most importantly, it’s unique. 

The flaming camels I sent charging towards 6, 7, or 8-figure businesses were incredibly effective for that very reason.
They Made Me INSTANTLY Stand Out, Positioning Me Head And Shoulders Above My Competition
So - the question remains:

What the hell is the flaming camel process? How does it work?

Alright, I’ve teased you for long enough 😉

Let’s unpack it in more detail, shall we?