The realistic and achievable 'copywriter's dream'...
Part 4: Freelance Copywriting Nirvana 🏝️
If you’ve read this far…’ll know that the flaming camel has been designed to bridge the gap between Level 2 and Level 3… helping copywriters land $3k-$5k/month retainers on demand, ASAP.

(Yes, I’ll explain how it works shortly… patience!)

So, let’s say you’ve used the flaming camel to bag a high-paying retainer.

In terms of income and time investment, here’s what we’re looking at:
Pretty simple stuff.

One retainer has increased your income.

But it has also increased your time investment…

...since you’re gonna be deep-diving into your client’s offer and audience and writing copy for them on a monthly basis.

(Obviously haha)

If you’ve got a 9-to-5 alongside this, then you’ll be busy…

...but not crushingly busy.

It’s manageable.

Until step 2, that is, when we start to ramp things up a notch:
At this stage, your income is floating around the $6k-$10k/month mark (NICE!)...

...but your time investment has also shot up (LESS NICE!).

This is a super awkward transition phase that any freelance copywriter serious about getting to freelance copywriting nirvana has to go through.
Not gonna sugar coat it… this will be tough.
ESPECIALLY if you’re juggling a job…

...a family...

...and other responsibilities.

(But luckily, $6k-$10k/month is enough for most people to ‘peace out’ of their regular occupation - it’s where I realised I could quit uni and live the life that was a fit for ME.)

Regardless - 

When you get to this point, you’ll have a LOT of copywriting projects on your plate.

You’ll probably be quite stressed.

And, you’ll probably start to view freelance copywriting as another 9-to-5 grind.
But stick with me, because this is where a whole new world opens up…
So, you’re now deep diving with 2 clients, spending time learning their offers and their audiences.

You’ll slowly start to figure out what resonates with each audience, and, more importantly, what DOESN’T resonate.

That means over time...

...the copy you write will convert better and better and better.
Stay awake, this is the important bit!
You’ll ALSO be writing with pretty tight deadlines… couple that with the large workload and you’ll have no choice but to write copy FAST.

Which all culminates neatly into one thing:

You’ll be writing great copy that consistently converts well for your clients faster and faster every single day.

Which means:

👉 Your copy chops improve exponentially...

👉 Your copy speed improves exponentially...

👉 Your ability to deal with the workload improves exponentially...

Remember those bar graphs from earlier?

They’ll go from looking like this:
To this:
Do you know what you’re looking at here?

Freelance copywriting nirvana!
You’ve got a stable, secure, 6-figure yearly income (or close to it).

And, most elusive of all to the vast sea of freelance copywriters, you’ll actually have time freedom!

Yes, obviously...’ll still need to work.

But since you’ve spent the last few months diving DEEP with your 2 retainer clients and learning their offer and audience, and getting comfortable with the workload…

…you’ll have slowly clawed back your time until you’re working anywhere from 1 to 6 hours per day.

On some really slow weeks... might be working even LESS than an hour per day.

But on busier weeks... when your client(s) has a new product launch...’ll probably be working around 6 hours per day, perhaps even more.
That’s the closest you’re ever gonna get to time freedom from freelance copywriting retainers!
And you’d be doing better than 95% of other poor sap copywriters who have complete freedom over their schedule…

...but are stuck in a hellish feast and famine income cycle, earning just enough to pay the bills.

Or, copywriters who are making 6-figures…

...but who are working CRAZY hours with a ton of different clients.

Remember - you’re now free from your 9-to-5 (if you had one).

You’re waking up when you want and working when (and where) you want, because your clients won’t care so long as you get the work done.

And, you’ll finally have financial stability from copywriting!

At this point, you might be thinking:
“Can’t I get to Nirvana by doing one-off projects instead of retainers? Wouldn’t that be a lot easier?”

Here’s why:

Freelance copywriting nirvana requires income stability.

If you’re hopping around from client to client (or, heaven forbid, client-getting strategy to client-getting strategy), you have ZERO financial security.

Sure, you’ll have some 5-figure months.

But you’ll also have some less-than-5-figure months.

It’ll be feast and famine.

So don’t think you can get to freelance copywriting nirvana any other way than what I’ve outlined.

Because you can’t.

(That's why I created this process!)
The real magic of freelance copywriting nirvana?
It means whatever YOU want it to mean.
For some...’ll be both 6-figures AND time freedom.

Others will be happy to work longer hours...

...since they’re only really interested in getting to $10k/month.

For a smaller group (myself included)...

...they’re happy as Larry making $5k/month and enjoying total time freedom and a lower overall workload.

And for an EVEN smaller group...

...starting a freelance copywriting biz is a passion project for them and they want to hit $10k/month as proof that they’ve ‘made it’.

There is no right or wrong here.

Freelance copywriting nirvana is whatever you want it to be.

But the process is simple:
✔️ Get one or two retainers between $3k-$5k/month

✔️ Deep dive and learn their offer(s) and their audience(s) really well - learn what resonates and what doesn’t resonate, all the while ensuring you stay on top of your deadlines

✔️ Given you’re receptive to market feedback and you aren’t a prideful idiot (because you WILL write copy that bombs), you’ll get better and more consistent at writing copy that converts, AND you’ll get faster at writing copy overall

✔️ Over a period of a few months, you’ll start to claw back your time until you get to a point where you’re enjoying both a 6-figure yearly income and glorious time freedom (or whatever freelance copywriting nirvana means to you)
Beautifully simple, yet far from easy.

I wasn’t lying when I said this would take work!


Let’s put EVERYTHING we’ve talked about so far into one neat diagram:
^ Pretty cool, no?

THAT’S why I took the time to explain what the 5 levels of freelance copywriting are... you can see where you're at right now, and where you need to go...

...such that you can journey towards freelance copywriting nirvana as quickly as possible.


Okay, now that you’ve got your map through the forest...’s finally time for me to explain what the hell the ‘flaming camel’ process is all about!
Let’s start with the name, shall we?