Wanna learn where you stand compared to other copywriters?
Part 3: The 5 Levels Of Freelance Copywriting
Before the Kevin Rogers fanboys/fangirls send me hate mail...

I didn’t nick this from him!

Kevin has a similar concept he calls:

“The 7 Phases Of The Freelancer’s Journey”

(I created the ‘5 levels’ a few months before he came out with the ‘7 phases’, but whatever…😉)

What’s funny is Kevin and I have made pretty much the EXACT same observations.

We just categorised them differently.

Okay, now that my ass is covered...

Let’s dive in!
Level 1
Just Learning
Copywriting income = $0/month
(*ballpark figure - note that there are exceptions to this)
Level 1 - Just Learning
Copywriting income* = $0/month
(*ballpark figure - note that there are exceptions to this)
If you’re at level 1, you’re just getting into the world of copy.

You’re reading ‘Scientific Advertising’ (or ‘Breakthrough Advertising’ if you’re a baller) for the first time. 

You’re handwriting sales letters. 

You’re building a swipe file.

You’re practising writing copy.

Hopefully, you’ve invested some money in a great copywriting course. 

(Like CopyHour, The McIntyre Method, or John Carlton’s Simple Writing System)

But you’re still in the learning phase... 

Soaking up as much info as you can and developing your foundational copy skills.

Time for the sad news, level 1-ers:
You’re nOT ready to 
learn and use the 
flaming camel process
You’re nOT ready to Learn And Use The Flaming Camel Process
Spend some time working on your craft first.

Develop your confidence.

Then, land a client or two.

That’d put you in the perfect position to land $3k-$5k/month retainers with my process, because you’ll be in…
Level 2 - The Little League
Copywriting income = $1/month - $3,500/month
Level 2 
The Little League
Copywriting income = 
$1/month - $3,500/month
You’ve managed to source a few clients here and there, and you’re making money. 

That’s awesome!

Now, if you’re on the lower end of level 2, these are usually small-time clients who overwork and underpay you. 

(Or agencies who take a monster cut of your pay) 

If you’re on the upper end of level 2, you’re probably working with some bigger clients…

...but chances are, you’re relying HEAVILY on referrals (read: hope) to keep the engine running.

That’s less awesome!

Level 2 copywriters are in what I call:
"Semi-Pro Limbo"
What’s semi-pro limbo?

Put simply:

It’s the state of being half-in, half-out in your copy career.

It’s where you’re not making enough money, or getting consistent enough work, to become a full-time freelance copywriter.

For Level 2-ers stuck in ‘semi pro limbo’...

...freelance copywriting is a side-hustle.

(As much as they wish it weren’t.)

Most still have a 9-to-5.

And their staple diet consists of one-off gigs with low-tier clients.

(Who can barely afford to keep the lights on let alone pay the copywriter thousands of dollars per month)

Or, they got lucky and landed some good gigs - maybe even a retainer...

...but they’ve been COMPLETELY unable to repeat the success they’ve had.

Anyway -

If you’re a Level 2 copywriter, I don’t need to tell you how sucky life is when you’re stuck in semi pro limbo.

But there’s hope.

Because once you get out of it…

Things start to get SUPER exciting...
Level 3 - The Breakthrough
Copywriting income = $3,500/month - $15,000/month
Level 3 
The Breakthrough
Copywriting income = 
$3,500/month - $15,000/month
BOOM - now things are ramping up.

If you’ve managed to wade out of the murky Level 2 waters...

...you’re now amongst the serious players in the copywriting game.

At level 3, you’re working with 6, 7, and 8-figure clients.

(Ideally on retainer so you’ve got consistent work and consistent income)
  • These clients know the value of a good copywriter... so they pay you what you’re worth ($3k/month MINIMUM)
  • These clients know the value of good copy… so they ALWAYS test your stuff
  • These clients are direct-marketing savvy… so you don’t have to waste time educating them
If you’re at Level 3, your working life is excellent.

You’re probably using the money you’re making to invest back into your skills…

...joining high-level copywriting courses, programs, or networking groups - and maybe even hiring a copy coach.

Plus, your copy is getting market feedback on a large scale -

So you’re learning REALLY fast what resonates and what doesn’t resonate.

You can test and improve your copy and get live feedback practically the next day… 

And that means you get DANGEROUSLY good at copywriting in a very short period of time.

The ‘bad’ news?

Most Level 3 copywriters hit an income ceiling at $10k-$15k/month.

To go up from here?

You’ll need to start building scalable businesses or passive income streams on the side.

Which means you’ll be part of the copywriting elite...
Level 4 - The Top Tier
Copywriting income = $15,000/month - $100,000/month
Level 4 
The Top Tier
Copywriting income = 
$15,000/month - $100,000/month
The exponential curve gets higher and higher.

At level 4, you’ll find people like Chris Orzechowski, Ian Stanley, and my mentor, John McIntyre.

Level 4 copywriters are on top of their game - both with their copy careers and with their income.

If that’s you, you’re comfortably in the top 10% of all copywriters.

At this level, you’ll no doubt have a huge string of incredible results for your clients under your belt.

And, you’re developing true mastery of the craft of copywriting.

The cherry on the cake?
You’re Transitioning Into Selling Your OWN Offers!
Maybe that’s a coaching program.

Or a line of info-products.

Or an online course.

Or none of the above… the sky’s the limit.

You’re transitioning away from being just a mere ‘freelance copywriter’. 

You’re now a multiple 6-figure business owner.

Most freelance copywriters DREAM of getting to this stage.

But if you’re at Level 4… this is no dream.

This is a reality.

There’s only one more rung left above you...
Level 5 - A-List Status
Copywriting income = $100,000/month - $500,000/month (+)
Level 5 
A-List Status
Copywriting income = 
$100,000/month - $500,000/month (+)
This is the 1%.

The top of the mountain.

True mastery of the copywriting game.

When you’re this good, you can charge $100k+ for one sales page (like Dan Kennedy)...

...or rely entirely on royalties from one piece of copy (which will easily run into the hundreds of thousands).

You’ll likely have multiple 6 or 7-figure businesses under your belt (usually copywriting and marketing related). 

And, you’ll comfortably rake in $100k/year (I’m being very conservative) purely from speaking at copywriting or marketing events and/or coaching other copywriters.

People seek you out as an ultimate authority in the field of copy, and Fortune 500 companies throw crazy money at you just to consult for a few hours.

To quote John Carlton:

"An A-lister, in our biz, can almost guarantee the production of a winning piece, at the highest level. 

They’re hall of fame writers, if direct response ever got around to building a hall of fame."

So, there you have it. 

The entire copywriting game broken down into 5 levels :-)
Now - listen up:
The Jump From Level 2 To Level 3 Will Be The MOST IMPORTANT Transition You’ll Ever Have To Make In Your Freelance Copywriting Career
Level 1 to Level 2 is something YOU gotta do on your own.

I can’t help with that.

And from here on out, I’m gonna assume you’re already there.

But what I’ve found is that there are a LOT of solid, hard-working copywriters who go from Level 1 to Level 2…

...but who still haven’t quite figured out how to turn it into something REAL.

In other words: 

They’re stuck in Semi-Pro Limbo.

Which looks like:

❌ A stagnanting copy career with clients who overwork and underpay

❌ An inconsistent, rollercoaster income 

❌ A scatterbrained approach to landing clients… hopping from client-getting strategy to client-getting strategy, blindly shooting arrows in the dark and hoping something ‘hits’

But on the other side?

The ‘promised land’ of Level 3 - which looks like…

✅ A booming copy career with 6, 7, and 8-figure clients who know the value of good copy and respect the copywriting craft

✅ A consistent, stable income and financial security (normally at, or close to, 6-figures)

✅ A clear-cut, streamlined process for landing clients that they can repeat to replace a client if necessary

So if you wanna break into Levels 4 and 5… that’s great.

But the most CRITICAL transition…

...and frankly, enough for many people who just want this to be a good paying profession…

...is the jump from Level 2 to Level 3.
And that’s the EXACT transformation my ‘flaming camel’ process helps copywriters make!
But look -

It CAN and WILL be a challenge.

Especially if you’re not willing to put in the work.

But once you’ve (literally) levelled up from Semi-Pro Limbo…

...and you follow the steps towards freelance copywriting nirvana *...

...things start to get SERIOUSLY exciting.

*Ummm… what the heck is that??

In short -

Freelance copywriting nirvana is my realistic and achievable path towards the ‘copywriters dream’...

...and it connects PERFECTLY to the 5 levels of freelance copywriting.

Yes, I know.

You’ve heard it all before.

But I’m not talking about the rainbows and unicorns ‘sip coffee on the Amalfi Coast while the paychecks roll in’ type of crap the gurus like to peddle.



Click the link below and see for yourself:
(I know I'm throwing a lot at you, but keep reading and I'll tie it all together neatly 🙂)