A Small Collection Of My Best (And Most Controversial) Articles To Help You Go To The Next Level With Your Copywriting Career ASAP...

...By Doing The Opposite Of Everyone Else

A Small Collection Of My Best (And Most Controversial) Articles To Help You Go To The Next Level With Your Copywriting Career ASAP...

...By Doing The Opposite Of Everyone Else

Written by Shiv Shetti


In this meaty article -

*take a deap breath*

I'm going to explain my arduous yet rewarding and brilliantly simple (if I do say so myself) 4-step process for actually achieving the elusive ‘copywriting dream’ that both me and my students have been quietly following to slowly but surely reach a 6-figure income and blissful time freedom.

Yeah, yeah, I know —

You're skeptical.

You’ve been sold on the ‘copywriting dream’ or 'writer's life' before…

…but now you’re in the freelance copywriting game, working with clients and making money, ‘reality’ is telling you a different story.

It’s a long slog.

You’re overworked and underpaid.

You aren’t making the money you want to be making.

You aren’t working with the kinds of clients you want to be working with.

You’re wondering how to ‘un-stagnate’ yourself and start actually making progress in your freelance career.

From where you’re standing, it seems like the ‘copywriting dream’ just that.

A dream.

(Perhaps missing ‘pipe’ in between those two words…)

But, there's hope -

Because my powerful concept of freelance copywriting nirvana is about to revolutionise your idea of the 'copywriting dream'!

In fact... 

I'd go so far as to say it will  TOTALLY change the direction and outlook of your copywriting career for the foreseeable future. [...]
Written by Shiv Shetti


I dunno about you, but over the past few months I’ve started to loathe the industry we’re in.


Because freelance copywriting has turned into a biz-opp orgy of hyped-up promises and offers that are completely detached from reality.

Case in point -

Just yesterday I saw some dude offering a course with the headline: [...]
Written by Shiv Shetti


Have you ever been told to “find your copywriting niche and become #1”?

Yeah… I think that’s a load of rubbish.

Here’s why:

This advice unnecessarily adds months - sometimes YEARS - to your journey of achieving freelance copywriting nirvana.

(Read the first article on this page if you don't know what I'm taking about)


The answer is simple, if a little (read: very) controversial. [...]
Written by Shiv Shetti


Ever been disappointed with an online order when you opened the box?

(I’ll explain how this relates to a copywriting scam in a second)

Yeah… me too.

But probably not to the extent of this bloke I was reading about who ordered a wooly jumper online from some dodgy Norwegian site -

Only to have this package arrive instead: [...]
Written by Shiv Shetti


Yeah, I know - it’s a meaty (and pretty hypey) title.

But it’s 100% true!

The advice my mentor and coach John McIntyre gave me in our first EVER coaching session changed everything for me.

(And, frankly, paid for my entire coaching investment in one fell swoop)

True story:

Before I spoke with John I’d been feeling stressed and burned out. 

I felt like my copywriting career (and my income) had stagnated. 

(Yeah, I had an early version of the flaming camel strategy at my disposal… but back then I didn’t appreciate it for the client-getting machine that it was)

I was demotivated and lethargic, overwhelmed with shiny object syndrome, not knowing which car to chase to get me to the next level.

I felt like where I was then and there wasn’t enough.

But just 1 hour later, I had a strategy in place to change ALL of that. 

And just 1 WEEK later, I had no more stress, no more self-doubt, and no more lethargy.

My mindset had been permanently shifted, and life was so much more enjoyable. 

Plus -

Using the strategy John gave me as a foundation, I went on to do more with my businesses (copywriting, then later, the flaming camel) over the next month of my life than I’d done in the past YEAR… I crap you negative.

And now, I want to share that exact same strategy with you :-)

It’s not flashy.

It’s not sexy.

It’s certainly not new.

But holy SH*T does it work!

My hope is that you read it, implement it, and see similar amazing results to your general happiness and peace of mind as I did.

(Psst… you can’t make any major waves with your copywriting career if you’re constantly stressed, constantly doubting yourself, constantly annoyed at your lack of progress, and/or a miserable old bastard/bastardette, because your emotions will get in your way and f*ck everything up)

But a quick word of warning:

If you’re the kind of person who thinks that ‘mindset’ is a bunch of woo-woo nonsense, and you care only for pure client-getting advice and strategies, you’ll hate this article.

Seriously. Give it a miss.

But for those who are always looking to improve their life, here's step 1: [...]
Written by Shiv Shetti


If you’ve ever dreamed of being free from the client-getting struggle...

...you need to take a lesson from Albert Einstein:

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… 

...it takes a touch of genius, and a lot of courage, to move in the opposite direction.”

I’ll never understand why freelance copywriters make things so complex.

All you need is ONE core process for landing retainers on demand.

That’s how you remove yourself from the ‘client-getting grind’.

Seriously… that’s all it takes.

If you don’t have one, create one.

Or, if you want to avoid YEARS of trial and error, testing and optimising, and trying and failing… [...]

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